The training program is intended to provide guidance only in identifying factors for consideration in the sales and marketing of various insurance products. Details discussed herein are not intended as legal advice nor satisfy any suitability standards. While all reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this program, iConsult University and the speakers herein shall not be liable for reliance by any individual upon the contents of the training program. Agents should refer to their appropriate FMO or carrier for specific product training and suitability rules and regulations. Agents are encouraged to maintain client fiduciary standards and to study and follow all specific carrier compliance standards as well as state and federal laws governing the suitability of insurance products.

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The examples shown are hypothetical. Rates can and do change often. Rates may depend on your age, health and gender. Please be sure to ask your specific carrier or FMO to run an illustration based upon your client’s information for any product that you are recommending.

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